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Discover the heart of the naturalized detention pond, a crucial element of sustainable water management

The naturalized detention pond serves as a temporary reservoir, offering vital flood control and water quality improvement. Its innovative design includes an emergency spillway, reinforced by a concrete anti-seep collar, ensuring effective water drainage during heavy rainfall. The riprap berm provides additional support and erosion control, guaranteeing the basin’s durability over time.

Within this carefully engineered structure, a vibrant array of grasses and vegetation has been meticulously planted, both on the surface and inside the naturalized detention pond, fostering an eco-friendly environment that supports biodiversity and aids in natural water filtration. The naturalized detention pond isn’t your typical wet pond—it’s a dynamic system that gracefully transforms after rainfall, embodying our commitment to sustainable land management and environmental stewardship. This is a vital feature that harmoniously blends nature’s resilience with innovative engineering for a better, more sustainable future.

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