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Don’t Do This: Essential Guidelines for Fire Hydrant Maintenance

A fire hydrant plays a crucial role in providing a reliable and immediate water source for firefighters during a fire emergency. Its primary function is to rapidly supply a substantial volume of water to support firefighting efforts.

1- Close the water inlet when not in use:

The water inlet should be closed when not in use to prevent water wastage or potential contamination.

2- Install the hydrant lead valve:

The lead valve for the hydrant is missing, which is a critical component for controlling the flow of water. It should be in place and functional.

3- Ensure correct pipe installation:

The pipes in the system need to be properly installed to ensure efficient water flow and avoid leaks or damage.

4- Ensure continuous water supply to the water inlet:

The water inlet should always contain water for immediate access during firefighting. It appears to be empty, which is a concern as it may delay response time in an emergency.