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Have you ever wondered what the inside of a manhole looks like?

Discover the Hidden World Beneath: Ever wondered what lies beneath our city streets?

Sewer manholes serve as the gateways to a vast underground network that ensures the smooth functioning of our city. They play a crucial role in the underground sewer system. They serve as access points for maintenance and inspection, facilitating the flow of stormwater to treatment plants or disposal sites. Their strategic placement allows for quick intervention in case of blockages or leaks. Additionally, they act as the first line of defense against environmental contamination, preventing urban flooding and the overflow of untreated sewage into water bodies. To enhance longevity and maintain efficiency in this vital infrastructure, the internal face of sewer manholes is coated with a durable layer of epoxy paint, providing protection against erosion and sedimentation for the sewer pipes. These unassuming structures silently safeguard public health and the environment while remaining hidden beneath the city streets.