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Maximize your Space with Underground Detention Storage

Underground detention storage is a type of stormwater control measure designed to manage and reduce the impact of stormwater runoff on the environment.

These systems are installed beneath the ground surface and consist of Perforated HDPE pipes or precast chambers installed within a gravel bed and wrapped in geotextile. The storage temporarily detains stormwater runoff, which protects water quality by filtering the suspended solids as well as reducing erosion and flooding by controlling the discharge rate from the site.

Furthermore, they can be adjusted to a variety of site conditions and requirements. They are often used in areas where other stormwater management systems such as detention ponds are not possible due to space limitations. Since the underground storage is concealed, it can be designed under various ground covers such as asphalt, pervious pavement, and grass … which enhance the aesthetic appeal of urban areas, increasing property value.

However, regular maintenance is required to ensure that they are functioning properly. This typically involves cleaning and inspecting the system regularly to remove sediment and debris.

In summary, underground detention storage is valuable stormwater control measure that can help minimize the impacts of urbanization on the environment.