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Collegedale Commons



Engineering for a Better Community

A beloved public park and common greenspace. Trails, fields and trees. A monument to local veterans. The Collegedale Commons is all of this and more.  

Designed as an expansion of an already-existing park, the Commons in Collegedale, TN, is both joyful and reflective, hosting weddings, receptions, farmers’ markets and playground fun while also paying somber tribute to veterans, including Desmond Doss, the only conscientious objector to win the Medal of Honor.

Designing for ample parking was paramount, yet, to manage run-off from such large impervious surfaces, CEG faced a fun challenge: how do you contain stormwater without building a retention pond?

With the application of precise, creative and careful engineering, CEG’s team implemented a design strategy built on financial and environmental solvency and efficiency. Balancing stormwater and earthwork costs, CEG created a meticulous grading system that promises a stable, long-term solution to stormwater run-off. No need for a retention pond. No need for exorbitant stormwater expenses.

“It represents the way good engineering can improve and define a site,” said CEG founder Rocky Chambers. 

Using a special combination of amended soils, various fine gravels and intentional greenscaping, CEG created a filtration system that captures and cleans stormwater before it reaches local waterways. Such a system is seamlessly integrated into the natural aesthetics of the park. Here, gravel is more than just gravel.

As a child, Chambers played on the original park playground. Now, decades later, he’s designing for future generations. This is engineering for the common good..