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Redefining Heights: Engineering Excellence at Northpoint Ridge

At Northpoint Ridge, CEG provided highly technical engineering design solutions that allowed the client to build a modern, highly visible residential neighborhood alongside the top of a ridgeline. 

Work began with the design of a new road up the side of the mountain that bisected the ridgetop, allowing residences on both sides of the ridge line.

This project involved a comprehensive approach to addressing environmental challenges while optimizing space utilization. Alongside the management of stormwater and the presence of a creek, we encountered limitations on space, steep gradients, and angles for implementing effective solutions. To counter this, we strategically designed a compact pond at the entrance, effectively managing water flow for the surrounding residential area.

Respecting environmental constraints, we skillfully redirected water to the back area using well-placed inlets, mitigating any potential disruption. By meticulously coordinating the flow down the slope, we ensured an optimal balance between functionality and environmental stewardship. In conjunction, we carefully managed offsite sewer easements, constructing necessary haul roads from Midvale Avenue to facilitate the site’s development.

CEG also oversaw grading work, monitoring and verifying contractor progress through regular, in-person site walks and aerial drone technology that used photogrammetry and point cloud mapping documentation to the client. 

“This was an example of engineering solutions that produced efficient design on top of a ridge,” said Rocky Chambers, CEG’s founder.

Services: complete-site design, construction management and oversight, conceptual planning, erosion control, and stormwater design.