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Northshore heights – Phase 1



Beautiful and Spacious Design Despite Very Limited Space

It seemed like an impossible job: engineer a breathable, open community despite tremendously tight spaces with a deteriorating stormwater infrastructure system, demanding topography, an adjacent cemetery and a plat last updated in 1890.

Yet at Northshore Heights, an upscale community in north Chattanooga, CEG engineers saw possibility instead of problems. Designing as though every inch matters, they created a residential community that abounds in liveable, accessible openness, as CEG used full design and construction management to build this popular community minutes from the heart of downtown Chattanooga. 

Zoning regulations didn’t allow any changes to lot lines, so CEG graded the site with a design that used earthworks and an erosion control system to take full advantage of the property. CEG recrafted the landscape while renovating an outdated and failing floodwater system. Downstream and downstreet on Dartmouth St., the ground flooded routinely.

Not only meeting standard requirements, our engineers surpassed them, redesigning the entire sewer, water and stormwater systems to prevent present and future runoff problems. How committed are CEG engineers? Founder Rocky Chambers even crawled into city pipes (which later collapsed) for a first-hand look at the pipe-problems. CEG’s design improved the lives of many in the area, not just Northshore Heights residents. 

Such a successful transformation happened through relationships. Working in an established neighborhood, CEG’s team built trusted relationships with residents. Working closely with city officials, our engineers streamlined the complex process of permitting, redesign and environmental impact analysis. In the end, CEG’s work transformed a hillside into a neighborhood while remaining financially responsible and on-budget.  

Services: complete-site design and construction management.

Site location: Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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