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Heritage Walk – phase 1



Walk, Hike, Bike: a Neighborhood with Connections

The story of Heritage Walk’s Phase 1 development epitomizes CEG’s principled approach to civil engineering:

Proactive attention and care lead to efficient and effective building and construction. 

During Phase 1 construction of this East Brainerd neighborhood, our thoughtful and up-front approach to construction management led to tremendous cost-effective gains.

Typically, as main sewer lines are dug, buried lateral lines are extended out to individual lots, then staked with a small post. Over time, posts can be damaged or lost; months later, it can take extra hours or days to relocate the later sewer lines. 

With permission from officials, we created an innovative solution – our team began stamping a small “S” onto the concrete that locates the lateral sewer line permanently for future work. Problem solved through proactive thoughtfulness. 

As part of our commitment to construction management, our engineers regularly walk, study and document the construction site. CEG’s attentive approach led to considerable cost savings through vigilant oversight of the correlation between invoiced expenses and the tangible progress achieved.

To complete Phase 1, our engineers managed an extensive checklist that includes proper and precise location and installation for utilities, driveways, road design and water flow. Our level of proactive care and professionalism will serve Heritage Walk for years to come. 

“A job well done by civil engineers makes life so much easier for the home builders,” Chambers likes to say. 

Services: construction management and oversight, conceptual planning, budgeting and clear-cost estimation, landscaping and erosion control design.

Site location: Heritage Walk, residential, East Brainerd, Tenn.